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Negative interest rate policy is pushing markets into never-before-seen territory.Bert Dohmen joins Robert to discuss the risks of this policy, and how you can navigate these uncharted waters.

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Find out how pensions are leveraging the credit market via the shadow banking system. Brian Reynolds joins Robert to discuss how we’re likely in another boom-and-bust cycle driven by shadow banking.

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Central banks cut interest rates, then they printed money. What will they do next to keep global economies from imploding? Richard Duncan joins Robert & Kim to discuss the next moves that central banks are prepared to implement.

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Dennis Gartman joins Robert and warns about the effects of Trump’s trade wars.Middle America is struggling and global markets are taking notice. Find out how to navigate these uncertain times

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Achieving a still mind allows us to make our best decisions. Yet everyday we are bombarded with distractions from technology, work & relationships. Ryan Holiday joins Robert & Kim to discuss his research into stillness, and how you can learn how to become still in order to make your best decisions.

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