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Creating a product is only the first step to building a business. In this episode Kim speaks with Jules Pieri about how creators take a product to market and build a thriving business. Kim & Jules discuss real-world examples of the pitfalls and successes of several developers.

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Trump’s showdown with China is causing anxiety in markets across the world. Asian-based economist Richard Duncan joins Robert to offer his view of how China is responding to Trump. Find out why bond yields are crashing, and how China is choosing to isolate itself from the U.S.

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The leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. is from medical costs. Big Pharma is front-and-center to this problem. Robin Feldman joins Robert & Kim to discuss her research into how Big Pharma oftentimes secretly works to keep drug prices high and thwart free-market competition. Find out why U.S. citizens subsidize drug prices around the world. Robin offers tips on how you can protect yourself from medical bankruptcy.

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Investments aren’t risky, the investor is risky. The more financially educated you are, the less risk you take on. In this episode, Robert & Kim speak to Allison Schrager about risk management in the financial world. Find out what you can do to reduce your financial risk.

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