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Data is the new oil. State-sponsored hackers and personal hackers are a daily threat to your personal & businesses’ data. Rob Embers & Robb LeCount join Robert to discuss how they work everyday to secure people and businesses from cyber threats.

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Investing in gold & silver can protect your wealth against paper money. Kevin DeMeritt joins Robert & Kim to discuss the role gold & silver plays in investment strategies and how it has historically performed remarkable well.

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We have more material wealth and convenience. We’re living longer and traveling more. So why are we so unhappy? What’s with all the anxiety? Mark Manson joins Robert & Kim to discuss his research into the illusion of traditional self-help and what you need to do to grow and prosper.

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Social media constantly evolves as a marketing tool. In this episode, Robert & Kim speak with Zach Benson of Assistagram about his work helping businesses successfully gain value via the Instagram platform.

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Public pensions are unsustainable in many cities, states and counties. Instead of honestly addressing the problem, the very people who are causing the crisis are purposely making it worse. A big-city councilman joins Robert to give an insider’s account of this corruption crisis and how it impacts your future.

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