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Go big or go home. We’ve all heard this is the way to build a successful business. But bigger isn’t always better. Paul Jarvis joins Robert & Kim to discuss his experience in building businesses that question growth, and most importantly redefine what the definition of success is.

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Clutter steals time. Disorganization thwarts productivity. Messiness impedes happiness. Gretchen Rubin joins Robert & Kim to discuss her research into “cleaning up” your life and business. Find out how less truly can be more.

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Unemployment is down & the stock market is up. Is the U.S. economy strong, as Donald Trump says? David Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s budget director, joins Robert & Kim with his analysis of the good & bad of Trump’s economic policies.

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Great leaders are often portrayed in mythological terms. But examining leadership through humanistic terms is much more valuable to anyone aspiring to lead. Four-star general Stanley McChrystal joins Robert & Kim to discuss successful leadership learned on and off the battlefield.

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