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Schools refuse to teach financial education. As a result, it’s incumbent upon parents to teach their kids about money. In this episode, Rich Dad advisor Andy Tanner brings his entire family into the studio to discuss how he and his wife educate their kids, navigate the public schools and deal with parents who are financially ignorant.

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The U.S. has started trade wars with China, Europe and Canada. In this episode, Robert & Kim speak with Alexander Elder about Trump’s strategy. Find out what the intended and unintended consequences of these trade wars will have on your investing, your business and your retirement.

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The rich are getting richer, and the middle class is getting poorer. In this episode, Robert & Kim speak with Steven Brill about the causes of income inequality. Find out how severe income disparity impacts you and how you can protect yourself from its pitfalls.

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It’s never too early or too late to become free through financial education. In this episode Robert speaks to a teenager who is already earning income through entrepreneurial endeavors. Robert also speaks to a man who became financially free while in jail.

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