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The spirit of giving makes good business sense. In this episode, Robert speaks with John Ruhlin about effective gift giving as a marketing and sales tool. Find out why giving away coffee mugs with your company logo may be hurting sales.

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Building a successful business starts with knowing what kind of builder you are. In this episode Kim speaks with Sangeeta Badal of Gallup about her research into what drives entrepreneurial success. Find out why some entrepreneurs are good builders, and some are not.

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The Great Recession triggered central banks to collude and print massive amounts of money. In this episode, Robert & Kim speak with Wall Street insider Nomi Prins and find out exactly how banks are rigging the global economy. Once you understand how un-checked massive money printing works, you may want to reassess your investing strategy.

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Entrepreneurs must be able to persuade and inspire. In this episode, Robert & Kim talk to Carmine Gallo about effective communication techniques needed in today’s age of over communication.

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