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Stocks are at all-time highs. Will they continue to rise? In this episode, legendary investor Bert Dohmen joins Robert & Kim to explain what’s driving the markets, and what likely is on the horizon. Dohmen brings over 40-years of experience analyzing and investing in stocks, and present’s a sober picture of the U.S. and global economies.

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Robert & Kim speak with two founders of start-up companies that are thriving. Hear how each entrepreneur created a business, overcame enormous obstacles and succeeded. This is a must-listen episode for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Business is a team sport. Going it alone limits your capacity to grow and succeed. In this episode Robert & Kim talk to two of their team members and share their experiences of building a successful business team.

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Secret societies are not just subjects of Hollywood movies; they exist in the real world. G. Edward Griffin joins Robert & Kim to discuss the most influential secret societies.  Find out how they work, how they influence your lives and how you can protect yourself from them.

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Trump’s new tax code is impacting people around the globe. In this episode, Robert speaks with Tom Wheelwright, his personal tax advisor. Find out how the changes affect you, and what you can do to pay less taxes.

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Robert always says that dealing with people is the hardest part of entrepreneurship. In this episode, Gretchen Rubin, author of “The Four Tendencies,” joins Robert & Kim to discuss the hard-wired personality traits of all people. Find out who you are, and just as importantly, how to build a team with complimentary characteristics.

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We all know about fake news, but there’s so much more. In this episode, Robert explores “deep fake,” what it is and how it affects your life. Find out how your wealth, investments and financial future may be manipulated without your knowledge, and what you can do about it.



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Iconoclastic entrepreneur Ken Langone joins Robert & Kim to discuss the rise of socialism in the U.S., and its threat to capitalism.  If young people lose confidence in capitalism, what effect will it have on the U.S.? Langone shares insights on founding Home Depot, and as a result, helping over 3,000 employees become millionaires.

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Schools refuse to teach financial education. As a result, it’s incumbent upon parents to teach their kids about money. In this episode, Rich Dad advisor Andy Tanner brings his entire family into the studio to discuss how he and his wife educate their kids, navigate the public schools and deal with parents who are financially ignorant.

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The U.S. has started trade wars with China, Europe and Canada. In this episode, Robert & Kim speak with Alexander Elder about Trump’s strategy. Find out what the intended and unintended consequences of these trade wars will have on your investing, your business and your retirement.

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